The escort industry can be fun and very rewarding if you have the right qualities. We understand that there are many varieties of attractive and what one finds beautiful another may not or vice versa… therefore we are open to many looks.

It’s important that you respect the clients and treat them as you would want to be treated as in any service industry. You must look after the client as you would expect your beautician or massage therapist to look after you…giving the best service you know you can. In doing this you will be rewarded by repeat business and regular clients. We know the escorts that look after their clients as they are busy every shift and as such financially comfortable.

Punctuality is important when being a high class escort. Alot of clients are business men on a schedule and expect punctuality and we as the booking agent want to ensure that happens. Leaving a client waiting too long when he has booked you is rude and disrespectful. This can ruin a booking as it will have upset and frustrated the client at the start… they don’t need stress, they are calling to relax.
You will also lose our trust in referring or recommending you to clients. Repeat business is the key to becoming a successful escort in Sydney. Treat being a high class escort as your business; this is important for you to remember. You will be required to operate with an ABN number as all escorts in sydney should. Any agency not requiring ABN numbers from there contractors are operating outside of the government guidelines.  It is in your best interest to run your business legally so you are able to deposit your earnings into an account with the intention of buying designer clothes, cars, houses.  The sky is the limit in the high class world of escorting.
You may work on call from home or if you are living the “secret” life of escorting you may use our apartment for privacy.  Any charges for extra services will be yours, the agency does not take anything extra from you other than the booking fee.

If you feel you are attractive, clean living, well-groomed and have the qualities to become a high class Sydney escort please apply. We will not accept anyone with fake photos or photos more than one month old. We need to see recent images.
We would be happy to give you the chance to become financially independent. 

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